The 1878 History of Benton County, Iowa
A History of the County, its Cities, Towns, Etc.
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1878.
pages 424 – 440


The county seat and principal town of Benton county, is a flourishing town containing about 3,000 inhabitants (circa 1878). It is situated on the west bank of the Cedar River (south bank at this point), and occupies the only really fine position for a good town on the Cedar in Benton county. It is on a high bottom that never overflows, and the prairie gradually rises from the bank southward, and affords beautiful sites for residences. The timber on the opposite side is nearly two miles in width. Nature has done much for this spot, and the good taste displayed by the citizens of the city in the construction of their homes and arrangement of their grounds, renders it one of the most attractive and beautiful towns to be found in Iowa – “The Beautiful Land.”

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