There’s a new kid (so to speak) in town, his name is Dustin Dawson, and we are happy to have him on our team as the sports editor here at Vinton Newspapers. Some of you have met him, hopefully you all will get to know him if by no other means than him bringing the sports to life in the paper each week. He hails from the small community of Wilton, much the same as ours, and was excited to move in and get to work – even though moving to a new place can be a bit scary and intimidating at first. So many new faces to get to know!

And it reminded me, once again, how important it is to welcome our newcomers. When Dustin first arrived his most immediate need was finding a place to live. Fortunately after a few phone calls he had appointments made to check out some rentals. His parents came to meet us and check out the town.

My first thoughts were, how could I impress them on everything we have to offer her in Vinton? I wanted Dustin to feel at home, as we all do, having lived here for so long and having that advantage. So, what is it, that one thing, that we dress to impress about Vinton? What is it that keeps us locals here? Is it family, our jobs, or is it just that it’s all we’ve ever known? What of your love for here do you think to share with those who just came to town – whether as a newcomer, a visitor, or a customer? Do we tell them we have a theatre, a skating rink, a swimming pool, a rec center, parks, fishing & boating on the river, a bowling alley, a 9-hole golf course, shopping, dining, a hospital & clinics for immediate care. Do we tell them Vinton is the county seat, we have a full service police, fire, rescue & emergency management services, we have a great school system, a library, 14 churches, the fairgrounds & racing, an art guild, locally grown produce – we have boy scouts, girls scouts, FFA, dance & so much more – not to mention a whole lot of great people!

It’s impossible to choose just one thing to go on about – it’s all of the above. So let’s talk us up when we greet new people or customers. Let’s keep a positive vibe going and talk about all that we do have! Share the positive and pass on the Vinton vibe. Welcome them in.

That’s pure goodnewsness.