Vinton Today

Vinton Today arrived in Vinton on March 11, 2010, as Iowa’s first online ONLY news source!

Representing the community of Vinton, Iowa, Vinton Today continues to report on the happenings in our area with a local touch.

We specialize in the facts without the drama or sensationalizing of the news.

With close to 25 MILLION visits to our website, we have become one of the largest websites in Benton County. Our website consistently reaches over 60,000 unique visitors!

The Vinton Today Facebook page, while having over 5,500 followers has become one of the most active pages around! We are proud to say in one week, we have had our stories shared 100,000 times! For a small town, Vinton Today has become the largest voice for Benton County!

We know that the V-S sports events are a big deal to a lot of you, but some are unable to get out to enjoy them. You can now subscribe to our Twitter feed and get updates throughout the game.

If you are a business that needs to advertise, Vinton Today has the ability to link the customers directly to you! With the lowest advertising rates in the area, well, you really should join our Vinton Today family!

While our tiny staff of 2 has been able to do all of this in just a few years, don’t hesitate to call on us 24/7 for all of your news needs! You can reach us at 319-202-4126, via email, or on Facebook and Twitter!

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