Effective January 1, 2016, Vinton Unlimited will be offering a new dues and membership structure. The membership committee has been very busy evaluating the membership structure as it hasn’t changed since 2007. We believe we did our homework by looking at many communities to come up with the best fit for our Vinton businesses and residents. In the end, it was determined to move away from a structure based on the number of employees to a structure based on benefits. With the new structure, you will be able to pick your level of membership based on the benefits that are a right fit for your organization. A level of membership for individual or family support and a level for non-profit support has remained.

Download the new structure here!

Have questions about the new structure? Not sure which level is the best fit for your organization? Not sure what some of the benefits mean? Call Vinton Unlimited TODAY to set up a meeting to help answer your questions!

Please remember that your membership dues are an investment in our community, in our programs, in our businesses and in our individuals. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!